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Olympia, Washington
I wrote quite a lot here & it went away, but let's try again.
I live in Olympia, where the only synagogue is Reconstructionist, so I kind of hang out on the fringes--I grew up Reform, & it's not quite a fit, though I like the Rabbi & have friends & relatives in the congregation.
My Judaism is cultural/spiritual more than ritualistic. I believe in tzedakah & tikkum olam. My husband (not Jewish) and I have adopted 5 older kids (now adults) at ages from 8 to 14. None have chosen to become Jewish, though they respect my traditions and try to make their kids aware of them.
I'm not sad, exactly, since we agreed that they were old enough to make their own choices (at last count one Christmas only Catholic, one uncertain, one somewhere between agnostic & atheist, one sort of new agey but walk the walk Christian, & one Wiccan), but kind of wistful --I'd like to have a Jewish kid. One the other hand, none of my sibs' bio kids are practicing Jews, so you never know.
Anyway, I'm pretty political esp in the area of social justice, love music and travel, lived in China 1999-2001 with husband & youngest daughter, spent several weeks in Mexico & Guatemala & abt 3 mos in Europe in 2008 with younger son, & lived in the San Miguelito section of Panama City, Panama for 4 months in 2012-2013. My husband has some major health issues which are getting better but keeping us from leaving the country for the moment, but I'm hoping that will change. Meanwhile we travel as much & often as we can in the US, spend time with our kids and grands, do a little marching & a fair amount of online politicking, plus he's a photographer & I make jewelry and mixed media art.