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Avi Dolgin

Student. Teacher.
Midrashist. Nudnik.
Though working for years in mental health and education, Avi kept a background hand in Jewish ritual and midrash. Marriage ceremonies, Bibliodrama, interfaith davening—the usual stuff! One year, hearing another boring haftarah of Jonah, he said, “There has to be a better way to convey this story!” The resulting theatrical midrash became the synagogue's Haftara the following Yom Kippur, and went on to tour in four Limmuds in Canada and USA.  This year, Covid forced a rethinking of The Akeda, leading to an online "Isaac In A Bind" as part of the synagogue Rosh Hashanna, and will be part of LimmudNA in early December and LimmudUK in late December - or look for it on Youtube. Avi thanks Congregation Or Shalom in Vancouver, BC, for its openness to his explorations. Avi is past chairperson of Limmud Vancouver and welcomes you to come participate.